3. Michele Bachmann

Those of you who have read my previous work already know how I feel about Michele Bachmann. Specifically, that she is a psychotic bigoted hose beast that I cannot fucking believe is actually given authority in this country. For those who are unfamiliar with Our Lady Of The Crazy Eyes, here’s a quick rundown:

-Representative from Minnesota’s 6th District

-Unofficial spokesperson and poster child for the Tea Party

-Married to a man that runs a Christian counseling service that allegedly markets “cures” for homosexuality through Christian anti-gay therapy

-Supports the abolishing of the minimum wage because “we could potentially virtually wipe out unemployment completely because we would be able to offer jobs at whatever level.”

-Is currently at the center of a Congress-wide controversy after accusing Hilary Clinton of keeping secret Muslim staffers that are secretly working to sabotage our country and bring about a new Muslim nation. Seriously.

Bitch got the crazy eyes.

Now, this harpy has been in office since 2007. That means she’s survived multiple elections. Not only that, but she was a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination and became the first woman to win the Iowa Straw Poll. This means one of two things. Either there is a sizable population of people that actually agree with this woman and actually believe her to be the best possible person to lead our country or somewhere there is a machine that is creating clones of this woman that exist only to vote for her. I’m not sure which I prefer.


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